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Pregnancy Care

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Nourish your body and baby with our pregnancy care package.

A well-researched variety of essential products in pregnancy.

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What's in the box...

🍃  Heath & Heather Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea
Raspberry Leaf Tea offers a fruity and refreshing flavour with its blend of organic ingredients. This caffeine-free tea supports your wellbeing in the last stage of pregnancy, as it has been found to strengthen the uterine walls and induce labour.

🍃 Amphora Aromatics Lavender Essential Oil
During pregnancy, it is important to feel relaxed for a calm state of mind. Recommended from second trimester onwards, Lavender Essential Oil can soothe the aches and pains of pregnancy, ease nausea and vomiting and help relieve stress.

🍃  Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil
Weleda’s Stretch Mark Oil protects the skin against drying and makes it more resilient to stretch marks. The oil contains natural ingredients, including sweet almond oil, which helps keep the skin smooth and elastic, as well as maintain its natural tone during and after pregnancy.

🍃 Together WholeVits Pregnancy
Multivitamins are important in pregnancy to support the body and baby’s needs. WholeVits includes the recommended dosage of folic acid, along with other important vitamins. All ingredients are natural and food-based, ideal for all stages of pregnancy.

🍃  Erbology Tigernut Granola

Essential for a healthy pregnancy, this organic tigernut granola contains iron, magnesium and fibre with an easy-to-digest recipe. The mix of sea buckthorn and aronia berry also supports a healthy heart. It satisfies an intense hunger and releases energy throughout the day. 

🍃  Optibac Probiotics
It is vital in pregnancy to improve gut health so that nutrients are being digested and absorbed by the body -  the best way to support this is with probiotics. It increase good bacteria in the body by rebalancing the microbiome, ready for the baby to come through.

Important note - We aim to supply all products as listed, in the eventuality of a supply issue we will provide a like-for-like alternative. 

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