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Immunity Plus

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Protect your health with a stronger immune system and healthier lifestyle.

A selection of key vitamins and supplements that support your body.

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What's in the box...

🍃  Amphora Eucalyptus Organic Essential Oil – 10ml
Eucalyptus Essential Oil is stimulating to the immune system as it can help fight off several illnesses. Eucalyptus has a refreshing aroma that offers mental clarity, is relaxing for muscular fatigue, and can help clear congested nasal passages.

🍃  Potter’s Echinacea & Elderberry Tincture – 100ml
Echinacea and Elderberry has been used by Native American tribes as a traditional medicine to relieve symptoms of cold and flu. Potter’s tincture is the most potent variety available, with active substances that enhance the body’s immune system.

🍃  Waimete Manuka Honey – 250g
With natural antiviral and antibacterial properties, Manuka honey can sooth sore throats by coating the inner lining. If taken regularly, Manuka honey has immune-boosting qualities which can help prevent future illness. A sweet and simple medicine.

🍃 Ginger and Ginseng Tea
This organic herbal tea is a powerful blend of ginger and ginseng which are both carry incredible benefits combined. They are known for both having antioxidant properties as well as helping support the immune system.

🍃 Better You Vitamin D3000
An alternative to tablets, this easy-to-use oral spay contains the vital sunshine vitamin D. It is widely accepted and known that vitamin D is assists in fighting off infections and supporting the body to resist future diseases.

🍃  Power of Nature Platinum - Zinc 15mg Plus Vitamin C 150mg
To help your body fight infection, these capsules contain the important mineral zinc and vitamin C. Both are important for proper function of the body’s immune system, and to reduce the severity of symptoms from cold or flu.

🍃  Swanson Astragalus Root 470mg
Astragalus is a traditional, natural herb that has been valued by Chinese tradition for over 2000 years. It revitalizes the immune system, and as an antioxidant it is used to for better cardiovascular and liver function. The capsule form makes it easy to consume.

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